The Donald – The Art of the Win.

What is in store for America is catastrophic to the point of a new Civil War.

The failed policies and arrogant elitist mindset of the Progressives still befuddle them as to the truth about their loss in this election. The Progressive Republican Globalist have the same quandary and are just as blind to the realities of the American people who elected Donald Trump.

When you look at the Trump brand, you see how he nailed down three issues that each locked in a section of voters. Security, Jobs and The Supreme Court were locked in his side of the debate. As he progressed, Trump found small sections he could bring in. The child care issue was opened up by his daughter and infrastructure spending moved some more into his camp. Donald Trump marketed his three issues in a way that insured to the voters his full commitment to make each of them happen if elected.His bombastic nature helped nail the door shut on those issues and the opposition could not shake him from them.

Trump was negotiating a deal with the voters. To do this, he first shot out a bold position, then waited for voter reaction. Once he got a feel for the “acceptable standard” for that position from the voters, he simply adjusted his offer to fit that narrative; the sale was made. In truth, Trump really had no set position, he was trying to find the best “stand” by negotiation and then stuck to that “stand” he saw as the strongest for closing the deal. Trump had a single goal; win the most votes in the right states. His opponents goal was to make people believe they had the right “established” positions on issues.  

First we look at the primary win

You may find this hard to believe but it was Barack Obama that put Donald Trump in the White House. The 2011 White House Correspondents dinner sealed it for “The Donald”; he knew he had to run and the next step was to find a winning way. Watch it here

We all now know that if you hit Donald Trump, he will hit back harder. It is nothing personal for him, it is all about the win. Obama hit Trump so hard the political establishment is now feeling the return blow. That one punch will change the world of politics for a lifetime. The rules of politics no longer apply. In the Houses of Congress fear of what is to come overshadows their belief in business as usual.

So what did Donald Trump see that the politicians and elite press missed?  Just how did he build a plan to win when all though his run was just a plan to build his image and become more of a celebrity?  Trump saw what only the best “used car salesman” sees when a prospect walks on to his lot; this guy is ready to buy now.

Trump knows that the win is 90% preparation and 10% action. He had a desire to run for a long time but the insults of 2011 by Obama and the press moved him from desire to action. He started right then to access his path to a win and looked to see, if and when, the prospect (the people) were ready to buy.

What Trump saw sealed the deal.

  • Sixteen years of war
  • The destruction of our economy with the failed banks and a recession equal to that of the thirties
  • The rise of the “Tea Party” and division in the Republican party
  • Eight years of President Obama’s failed economic policies and executive overreach with a continued racial revisionist leadership.
  • The failure of “Obama care”
  • Total destruction of Middle East stability and the rise of Terror in Europe and America.
  • His opposition from the Democrats would be Hillary and Trump knew her plan better than she did.

Then “Fate” dropped the game into his lapThe Republicans were a party in disarray and had no real leader. They put up 16 candidates.Most were from the establishment and after the failures forced on their party in the last two elections, the people were ready for an outsider. If they had put up only three or four and had a clear expression of who the Republicans were, Trump could not have won.

The Trump Toolbox For The Primary

First step: establish issues that would feed the targeted customers for his primary run. What would energize them and give him a leg up in a run against the establishment. If you watch his speech from Trump Tower, where he entered the race officially, you will see the brilliance of his first outreach to those customers. His hope was that the mainstream media would find points in his speech that would carry the news cycle for him. He wanted them to have him on live TV as many times as possible. Selling takes putting your product before as many customers as possible;  for as long as possible. He got what he wanted in spades.

Second step: paint all his opponents with a single image. In that same speech he did just that. He singled out the one person in the primary that would show the people the face of the Republican party has not changed. It was another candidate that would be forced down their throats like McCain and Romney, the Bush family “Heir” to the political throne. Jeb Bush. By doing this he took out 75% of his opponents from contention. They were just a mirror image of the Bush/establishment face of the Republican leadership that has failed the people over and over.

Third step: Build the image that Donald Trump is one of the people, outside the establishment and unafraid to attack them. He took on the status that he was some rich guy that was out of touch and turned it into a plus for him. He did that through his language, “stupid people in Washington”, “I want to make America rich again”, “Mexico is sending their criminals, rapist, and worst people across our open border”, “I will build a wall and Mexico will pay for it”, and on and on he went. He said out loud what many were thinking and gave them a voice. Political correctness was out the window and “The Donald” was on their side. See that speech here.

The song of indifference rang loud in the new religion of politics.






The marketing team for Hillary Clinton failed to hold a vision that could overcome her opponents. First, a 70-year-old socialist independent took away the young vote with a single issue campaign and almost stole her spot in the run for the White House. Had Bernie Sanders borrowed a little of the strong voice of a Trump, he would be headed for the White House today instead of the leader of the apprentice show. Bernie just could not close the deal; he lacked that killer instinct.

What the Progressives have not learned from the failed candidate they put up is; you can not sell inclusion with a message of division. 



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