Get Out And Vote; America Needs You.

The Socialist will be out in force; returning to the days of Obama will destroy our economy and erase all the work done in the past two years. 

Most Democrat’s vote on emotion and personality, this could bring on the Blue Wave you hear so much about. You can’t just support Republicans, you have to get out there and cast your VOTE. It is time to turn the Blue Wave into a new powerful Red Wave

The stronger you make Conservative leadership, the more we will move into a strong economy and more small business centered country. President Trump has move us so far in the right direction we can not let him down now.  

As a Veteran, I see what he has done for our troops and the VA.

As an American, I see what he has done for our Standing in the world.

As a small businessman, I see what he has done for our economy.

It is time to make sure our future grows stronger, our military grows stronger, out economy keeps growing stronger and the country we pass on to our young offers more for their future.

Time is short, get to work and bring out our votes to the polls. We need to be there for the future of our country.


Rick Sweeting

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