The Three Faces Of Trump – “What the media tries to hide.”


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If you get your image of President Trump from the mainstream media all you will see is the face they manufacture. The complex reality of the President is hidden in the sound bites and clips shown on CNN, MSNBC and much of the mainstream media. The face you see is situational driven, to know him requires paying close attention to live broadcast of President Trump.

I have watched him closely over the past four years; from his descent down the escalator at Trump Tower to his most recent rallies in the past few weeks. His development in the Political arena was swift and strong, unflappable when attacked and remarkable by all standards.

Political norms do not exist in his world. This is the first President I can remember that goes about the business of leading our country with the speed and effectiveness of a contractor facing timelines and budgets that must be met. He treats the Office of President as his business, nothing personal, just business.

What may seem like hard lines are in reality goal oriented stands that push Washington in the direction he sees as positive change for America. President Trump is willing to work the hours it takes to motivate Congress, push them to do the right thing. Senators and Representatives are not use to a leader that is not controlled by the lobbyist and is willing to take risk to achieve the final objectives.

His ideology for foreign policy is goal oriented, pushes the limits and therefore gains positive results over the long haul.  President Trump is fearless in his dealings and it shows. Respect comes with his interaction on the Global stage.

This is the Presidential/Businessman face I see. – All business, pushing the limits, and not settling for less than the best for America. He does what he says he will do.

Put Donald Trump in a stadium packed to the rafters and you see the genius of the man. Here he shines, he goes off script and treats it like a backyard barbecue. The people feel his friendship, are touched by his personality and love the experience. He markets his brand and sells it better than most.

He has an uncanny way of labeling his opposition with one word labels that stick, From then on all he need do is mention the name and a picture grows in your mind of the opponent. It is a picture that shows them. not in a good light. He need not ever speak about their failings, you see them in the name he gives them. Little Marco, Lyin Ted, Pocahontas, crazy Bernie, and on and on. It shines a light on them and frustrates them.

President Trump knows the power of marketing and is bold and fresh in his ability to use it to his advantage. He reaches out to his followers in ways that bond them to him. It is like ‘Arnie’s Army”. They follow him because he speaks to each of them personally. You have seen him bring up people out of the audience and let them be part of his show.

This is genius at work, connecting and actually caring about them. It resonates with the people and moves them to action for him.

This is the President Trump the mainstream loves, he is off script so they can find a soundbite to use to paint him is a bad light.

This is the Politician/Showman face I see. Marketing his brand and bring wins to his race for office or for the politicians he helps.

Now let’s look at the man that connects in a way you seldom see. The mainstream media never shows this President Trump. it is his human side. You see it when he is with the Military or Police officers. You see it when he meets with Parents and loved ones who lost someone to criminal aliens or drugs.

This is the Donald Trump I watched when he had the parents and love ones who lost them in the Parkland School Shooting. He brought them to the White House and sat with them, listened to them and their suggestions to end this. He contributed to their conversation and you could see his heart go out to them. He is real in these situations, he connects and seeks to find answers that will move America in the right direction.

There is a caring heart beating in this President, the mainstream media hides this and will never acknowledge the reality that he cares.

This is the Human/True face I see. Look for this in him where you can. He has a real heart for those who serve and for those who are suffering.

Rick Sweeting…

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