This site is about working my way out of PTSD and Major Depressive Disorder. I am a Vietnam Veteran; I am not a combat vet. My PTSD started in 1986 but was put into my DNA in 1947. Why do I tell you all this. I believe it can help others understand PTSD and work through it.

We are all different, unique in this world. Some of are susceptible to PTSD, most are not. Why is that? Why is it that 6 or 7 combat veterans can be part of an horrific event and only 3 or 4 end up with PTSD? About 8% of the population will suffer with PTSD; 30% of Combat Veterans will suffer with PTSD. What is it that makes a person connect in this way?

These are the questions I asked, I researched to try and find the answers. I am no Phycologist, I just wanted answers so I could understand my condition and move past it. My research continues.

I have this blog to keep my mind active and I love to follow trends that are changing our Country in many ways. Much of what I read and see worries me. This great land needs our attention and involvement or the forces of change from powers that seek to end our great experiment will take away our freedom.

I hope you are watching and stay involved. Read and look at some of the information I post, you may find truth here that you did not know.

Rick Sweeting.


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