Hidden Heroes – Partners of PTSD

Did the Military give you a manual on how to live with your partner with PTSD? My ex-wives never got one. PTSD is hidden with many traps, pitfalls that can destroy a marriage. I never learned the silent side of the effects of PTSD until it was too late for my relationships. Looking back, I see the struggles my wife went through and my centering of the pain on me and not on those that loved me. When it comes to living in a relationship with a partner who has PTSD, the shadows seep into both members of the union. It is contagious. Lets say your Husband is suffering from the trauma and fighting the triggers that set him off, brings back the event. You, as the spouse, begin to silently learn what the triggers are and over time adopt the same avoidance techniques. You begin to avoid the same things even though you do not do it consciously.

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VA Services For Homeless Veterans

Do you know a homeless Veteran?  There is help through the VA, many do not know about their program to lower the number of homeless Veterans. If you know a Veteran who is homeless or at imminent risk of becoming homeless, refer him or her to a local VA Medical Center, where VA staff are ready... Continue Reading →

The Three Faces Of Trump – “What the media tries to hide.”

Photo by Carlos Herrero on If you get your image of President Trump from the mainstream media all you will see is the face they manufacture. The complex reality of the President is hidden in the sound bites and clips shown on CNN, MSNBC and much of the mainstream media. The face you see... Continue Reading →

Get Out And Vote; America Needs You.

The Socialist will be out in force; returning to the days of Obama will destroy our economy and erase all the work done in the past two years.  Most Democrat's vote on emotion and personality, this could bring on the Blue Wave you hear so much about. You can't just support Republicans, you have to get out there... Continue Reading →

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