This ‘ole Vietnam Veteran is so happy you want to shop here and help support my little blog.

The goal of this Blog is to help other veterans get support and help. I blog about PTSD and how to find good help at the VA. They have improved their mental health programs and Veterans need to seek help.

I have  used the Va for my own mental health problems and recommend them to any Veteran suffering from trauma or PTSD.

To keep this Blog going I need some income. That is why I put up this little store.

My store is an affiliate of Amazon, when you buy from here I get a cut of the sale. This was an easy way for me to make a small income while giving out good information about the ways Veterans can find help, homeless Veterans can get help and some good things can come from my little blog.

I have quite an inventory

Just click on SHOP now  and select from the drop down menu. Are you ready to shop?

Your shopping supports my Blog and the good information I provide for Veterans

If you already shop on Amazon why not help me at the same time

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Thank You for your help

Rick Sweeting

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